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X-factors supplements are a revolutionary breakthrough, setting a new standard in the world of health and wellness. These premium supplements are formulated with the finest food-state ingredients, carefully selected for optimal bioavailability and maximum efficacy.

What makes X-factors truly unique is their unparalleled ability to support every aspect of your health. X-factors is more than just another supplement line. It's a science-backed approach to optimal health and wellness, rooted in the understanding of nutrient synergy and the importance of consuming a variety of nutrients for optimal health. With X factors, you can trust that you are giving your body the very best support it needs to thrive and unlock your full potential.

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Product Overview

IMMUNE X is a food-state supplement consisting of organic fruits and vegetables infused into single-cell yeast to create vitamins and minerals as a whole food matrix to encourage optimal nutrient absorption.

It is specifically formulated with vitamins and minerals to support biological functions that play a vital role in stimulating a healthy immune system response and maintaining good health.