CellActiv™ Epigenetics Weight-loss Protocol

I understand that it can be frustrating when you feel like you're doing everything right, but you're not seeing the results you want. Don't worry, you're not alone in this journey. In fact, many people experience the same struggle, and it can be discouraging.  But the good news is, we're here to help! 

Our four-pronged approach is designed to investigate the root cause of your weight loss struggle and provide a tailored solution that is non-invasive, achievable, and evidence-based.  

We start by investigating the root cause of your issue through a series of tests. This is crucial in establishing a personalized supplementation and epigenetics food plan to support fat burning. And don't worry, the most invasive procedure is simply plucking four strands of hair for the epigenetics mapping analysis. 

All of our supplements are third-party tested and safe for consumption.  Our approach is achievable for everyone, with adherence to the protocol being mandatory for a short period of time. 

We guarantee there's no starvation, no exercise, three proper meals a day, and no bland-tasting food. It's all about finding the right balance for your body and lifestyle.  

Lastly, we base our results on evidence, you can track your progress every day by weighing yourself and testing your fat-burning rate. In just seven days, you'll start seeing results, and within 21 days, you'll see drastic changes in your body. 

So, don't give up hope – we're here to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and feel confident and healthy in your own skin.

Are you ready for a transformative experience?

In Phase 1 of our program, get ready to detoxify your body and reset your hypothalamus to achieve optimal body equilibrium. You may notice some changes such as brighter skin, improved sleep, and even a bit of stinky stool and urine, but don't worry, it's just your body shedding the toxins that have accumulated over the years.  But that's not all, we will also be affecting your gene expression through nutritional loading, helping your body switch on the genes it needs to build functional cells and switch off those that are not necessary. And of course, we'll be providing you with delicious, epigenetic diet meals tailored to your mapping analysis.  

In Phase 2, our focus is on maintaining metabolic function and acclimatizing your body to your new weight. With your body conditioned to burn fat at an optimum level, even consuming sugar or carbohydrates will trigger ketosis, the process of burning fat for energy.  

Losing weight can be challenging, but with our program, it doesn't have to be. Take the first step towards achieving a different result by doing something different. 

Contact us today and let's start this transformative journey together!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)